Definitely Not Luke has the intrinsic capacity to turn darkness into bright light; it is perhaps why he denies his name when he wears his musical cloaks and dagger for fear of wrongful retribution- remember what they did to Christ? A person who was supposedly saving them? In this life, you can’t be more careful, and I understand the measures, Luke, ahem Definitely Not Luke has to take in order to do his things without disturbances! From humble beginnings and still making music from his bedroom studio, this potentially chart-topping upcoming star has been making a name for himself as a multi-talented creative who pushes the boundaries of self-expression in the industry.

Definitely Not Luke has been making headlines following the release of his new 3-track EP “Cantelau” which really underscores his impeccable artistry and eclectic demeanor. What you get are three well-nourished tracks that diversely cut across genre lines spectacularly to get you in the holiday mood!

“3AM” features a unique combination of rock melodies brimming with tasty guitars and drums and meticulously structured percussive elements to fashion what feels timelessly epic… This is just what a complete performance feels like. The delicately nurtured vocals lusciously slink over the beats, breathing life into the narrative intriguingly!

“maybe” is authentically different from “3AM”—unlike the lively rock sensibilities in “3AM”, this tune features invigorating, crisp, clan pop features cemented with its danceable ethos that makes you feel physically active throughout its length!

“Every Second” is like a blend of the above two masterpieces and cleverly blurs the lines between multiple genres. Definitely Not Luke is his usual calm, composed, and mature over the beats, perhaps highlighting the fact that he is getting used to this kind of stuff.

There is a great deal of pleasure to derive rhythmically, melodically, and harmoniously from this EP; just follow the attached link to find out how Definitely Not Luke ranks among your favorite acts!

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