Dean the Dream has been living the dream for most of us through his genre-blending style of music that fuses nostalgic, and 70’s inspired classic rock n’ roll, modern rock, emotive psychedelia, and the hypnotic blues for a universal and broad-based sound that many listeners can identify with. There is a star quality about his whole artistry and when you talk about authenticity, his unique style exemplifies that genuineness from head to toe. Dean the Dream was born in Detroit, Michigan but is currently making a name for himself musically in the state of California.

“Hitchin’ It to Heaven” is an entrancing 7-piece collection, including the “Opening Act.” Stunningly innovated and passionately performed tunes, you will absolutely enjoy each and every moment that will pass as the tracks expertly transition into one another.

“Hitchin’ It to Heaven” the title track has that nostalgic and classic rock n’ roll vibe to it, and it reflects the spirit of 70s and ecstasy with its head-bumping qualities that it flaunts with the effortless groove the elements forming the instrumentation carry. It is very catchy and infectious, especially with that engaging chorus that, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I can’t get off of my mind!

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There is a cinematic glow about the electric guitar and the ensuing riffs and the way it melds with the drums and some rocky percussion all the while backed by his genre-perfect vocal presentation that will leave a lasting impression on you. There is a way his vocal continuously grows throughout and gains depth and color, and that ending is also cinematic and just perfect!

“Dying Staying Alive” is a 6-minute long, emotion-filled tune that takes you to a dreamy soundscape. The electric guitar intro followed by some haunting effects and his vocals that are psychedelic-inspired as he performs straight from his heart and soul is what will endear you to this spectacular track. This track is melodious and rhythmic and tells a very emotional tale.

“It Hurts Me” has those endearing bluesy features and is laid-back yet features a very intense performance from his self-assured vocals. “Changes” carries a certain melancholic feel to it and is blues oriented with his warm and emotional vocals allowed to flourish over the laid-back instrumentation.

You will love even the other staggeringly invented tunes – “Goodbye, Danny” and “Kiss Me Kill Me.” Two very spectacularly performed and resplendent tracks that are worthy additions to any playlist.

Follow the attached link to stream “Hitchin’ It to Heaven” and save your favorite tracks to always listen to when up and about your business.

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"