Having started getting his piano lessons at the tender age of 7, David Green had a fortunately early start into music while still being a child. From there it was nothing but a steady rise and gathering of skills as David got to learn and practice songwriting all through his schooling as his blossomed all through his teenage years. With this, it’s not quite shocking to learn that David Green was able to release his very own first single in 2017 and has since kept up the pace with a slow and steady approach to putting out more and more singles consistently.

Through all of this tonal nurturing, David has been able to zero in on the sound he’d like to dominate within the field, narrowing it down to the Pop genres while also realizing his voice and signature as a musical artist. Even recently in his journey, it’s increasingly evident that this young blooming artist is steadily carving out his own space within the very cluttered niche of Pop music as he released his newest single “Close Again”.

Peeling back the layers to the magic behind the creator, we learn that this track was in fact written in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic while the world was stumbling to get back onto its feet. With the almost tropical beats, David is able to convey the struggles of trying to get back to normal within this voided state of uncertainty. The soundtrack was therefore a promise to bring everyone back into intimacy & traditional interaction in an attempt to bridge the gap between the community & its people.

The song can, however, also be felt as a dedication to a past love thanks to the multi-level writing that David has been able to achieve; leaving the track in a space where it may still age well in the passing of time rather than being lost in the contemporary shuffle of an ever-changing internet timeline.

Throughout the track, David Green’s vocals are able to shine through the luscious musical collide and still deliver his message as a skilled arbiter between instrument & song; helping his listener to aptly live in the moment and desire for intimacy and closeness as the sound flows right through and into welcoming hearts.

David Green definitely is making steady strides in his movement through his career and any listener will be glad to assimilate in the lucid energy punching through the track “Close Again.” Watch out as he is set to release the official music video on November 11th, a complimentary high-standard visual-inspired music video that serves as the perfect backing to this already mind-blowing hell of a track. It is eye-catching and will have you glued throughout the track’s length!

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