With his focus set on the future, D.O.A. wants to embody that quintessential rags-to-riches dream and become one of the most successful generational emcees of his generation while creating a Legacy Over Money empire that will make him one of the most influential superstars of his era. After being in the music industry on an on-off basis, he is now delving deep into the creative process in order to make his mark and create a legacy that will outlive him.

D.O.A. has continually matured as an artist, evolving from just a young street disciple to a vain, all-knowing sage who is continuing to build his deep discography, one track, one EP, and one album at a time.

He is currently making waves with his new 7-track project titled “Never x Settle,” which displays his originality and limitless versatility and creativity both as a songwriter and performer.

With that performance in “Visionary”, D.O.A. proves that there are indeed levels to this game! He goes all out with a breathtaking concoction of thought-provoking bars, visual metaphors, erudite word play, and effective cadences over the hypnotic production.

The way he breaks through the beats with innate efficiency is something to behold. The backing vocal harmonies inject the track with a dose of nostalgic R&B that adds such flair to the arrangement. This track is an ode to D.O.A.’s go-getter personality and the way he is always looking to better himself.

That beat in “Supersede” is sick, and the flows that ensue are just epic; D.O.A. really injects this track with his multiple personalities as he shapes shifts between beats, unleashing mind-boggling punchlines, holding a listener captive with his lyrical conviction. This hard-hitting banger is meant to motivate its listener to go hard or go home. You just have to do what you have to in order to achieve their dreams, and really disregard what others say!

“No Excuses” is another display of D.O.A.’s dynamism and features a teasing intro before D.O.A. comes in with blood-thirsty willpower-lyrically tap-dancing over the beats like a masterful dancer.

“False Prophets” has such an imperative message at its heart about the need to be wary of false prophets in religion and life who really are after our money, after which they dump us and move on to the next gullible victim. Making his mark over the old-school-flavored melodies, this track reaches the core of emotional gratification, especially with that memorable hook.

“Never x Settle” feels like the next level project for D.O.A. who is now at the summit of his creative expression, delivering authentic hip-hop music that has been lacking in the industry today.

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