Cytonic Rhymes is changing the dynamics of the music game by bringing something unique, powerful, and enthralling at the same time; he has all the markings of a powerhouse star whose meteoric rise to stardom is inevitable. Every artist has that fire in him, but champions know when to ignite the spark. A champion is also one who is remembered, a legend is one who is never forgotten. Rhymes is a legend in my book as someone who has dedicated his creative pursuits in service of musical ingenuity and is hereby giving us fresh vibes unlike what we’ve become accustomed to in an industry that has been more focused on image as opposed to the real musical craft.

His music style spans across multiple genres such as hip hop, synthwave, metal, rock, pop, and others, displaying a distinct genre fusion that is backed with meaningful lyrics and a bit of Arabian culture for cross-over appeal.

Pushing the play button and listening as the track “Drifting Minds” set in, I had that rush of goosebumps running up my spine. The tune cuts across pop and emo rap fascinatingly as Rhymes goes on to pay homage to one of the most gifted artists to do it in the game: Juice Wrld, whose life was abruptly cut short when it shouldn’t have—maybe if he was with someone better suited for him!

Embodying such power and a good soul, Cytonic Rhymes gives a raw, emotional, heart-dropping, and convincing performance with that repeated poetic confrontation that is immersive with his powerful voice projecting and emoting the emotional lyrics being displayed over background scenes of Juice Wrld!

This is what Cytonic Rhymes’ musicality is all about; breathing new life into the music scene through the marriage of crisp rhythms over a stellar production like this.

For the fans of Higgin’s unapologetically emotive sound—heartbroken anthems that trembled and reached millions like Cytonic Rhymes—it will always hurt to never know the heights he might have scaled. #RIPJuiceWrld

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