A combination of creative technical talent, careful persistence, bravery, and hard work come together at this point to create a 4-piece pop rock band that goes professionally as Crown Kingdom. Their style of music reflects the band’s originality and creative growth and has been paving the way for them to establish a strong presence in the global music market. They have an album out “Coronation” – and can I say I was fascinated by the artwork on the album cover; absolutely eye-catching! The album has some 6 songs that possess strong rhythms that flow in the middle of the impeccably written tunes and are powerfully delivered for that graceful listening experience.

This wide-ranging album covers a huge ground as far as themes are concerned- their inspiration from the stories of the wild West, mankind’s pursuit of flight throughout history, comics and the moon. Although the whole entire Album is a regal body of work, “Luna” is hands down my favorite track.

“Luna” is that therapeutic tune you’d always want playing on your phone with the headphones on while lying on the grass and admiring the beauty of the sky on a moonlit night. This is that tune that takes you with it as the beats mingle rhythmically for a chilled yet affecting tune that you absolutely can’t get enough of.

This is the lavish tale even in the other tunes that make the album and I’m beyond doubt that the album will be deservedly acclaimed for it is certainly the epitome of varied music.

Follow the attached link to stream this album; find out your favorite jams from the album, play them on repeat and share them with as many listeners as you possibly can- what we are witnessing is out-of-the-ordinary artistry and we should wholeheartedly embrace it without question!

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