Crimson Eclipse is a 5-piece band made up of friends and siblings who are helping restore the lost glory of hardcore and metalcore rock. If you had given up on those fiery, dissonant, jarring anthems with noise distortions, arena-sized riffs, and screaming vocals for their lack thereof, worry no more because you know why. – Crimson Eclipse has got your back, and to start us on this rip-roaring, exhilarating, and soul-stirring journey is their debut single, “House of Glass.”

The person who said that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones probably had no idea of Crimson Eclipse’s existence because they really knock this performance out of the park and wildly…at the end of your listening experience, you will be operating in that state of music-induced euphoria!

“House of Glass” is a riff-driven powerhouse that showcases the band’s signature sound. With heavy riffs, pounding drums, and colorful bass, Crimson Eclipse delivers a healthy dose of hard rock-fueled adrenaline you won’t forget.

Throughout, Crimson Eclipse strives to provide an electrifying energy and an undeniable sense of danger that are seriously missing from the current landscape.

The lead vocalist’s screaming style pertains to the genre appeal of metal rock, and it is just so surreal to get drawn into this performance in its entirety!

“House of Glass” is a powerful anthemic rock track that has a roaring presence. Through the drummer’s vivacious fury and the guitarists’ undomesticated willpower, we witness Crimson Eclipse’s brutal passion!

This is how you mark your arrival in the music scene: the rock landscape has been made aware of new invaders who are seriously determined to usurp the status quo, and the rest of the occupants will just have to contend with them!

To experience that slice of hardcore rock heaven, follow the attached link and make sure you give this banger a spin!

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