Crash Landed Plans

There is an inimitable duo in town that goes by the name of Crash Landed- you can best believe that they have just landed and have done so with a thud that is going to felt throughout the pop world. Taking on the more dominant modern pop and blending some grandiose genre for that tasteful sound, there is no limit to their musicality. Forming and continuing to grow on their indestructible connection ever since the pandemic hit; this duo is about to take over the airwaves with their eclectically scented sound!

Starting on that journey is a powerful and lively pop ballad dubbed, “Plans”- from the onset of this magical tune, you can feel the vibe and energy being exuded which is in turn transmitted to a listener miraculously. The thing about charged-up and danceable pop music is that it has to be embellished with character and this flavored tune right here is brimming with splendid character and will move a listener in all the right ways.

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There is a way the beats born of some synths, bits, and guitars jump at a listener with a tremendous amount of melody and rhythm and the pure vocals of gold by Ed Hiley create a stupendous cadence with themselves that is in perfect sync to the buoyant cadence.

The extra percussion provided by the saxophone really adds that intriguing detail to this tune and Lee Crossley proficiently handles it with virtuosity and showmanship to craft a haunting sound that will remain glued to its listener long after the track is gone.

This is absolutely genius for a start and I honestly can’t wait to hear what they have in store next. This story is a success one and you can feel in in every bone that they are destined for greatness. This is more or less their stamping ground and they have already started winning by just stepping into it!

To reminisce with the track, “Plans”; follow the attached link, stream it, save it as a favorite under your music library and let it play on repeat to always keep you energized and elated!