When it comes to music, some artists are deeply committed to pushing boundaries and expanding the limits of their imagination to create music that reflects their unique visions. One such innovator is Corbin Forester, a sensational artist coming through with a lavishly broad-ranging brew with his sound that fuses the worlds of rock and pop together to come up with something unique but with instant appeal. Here, gothic rock’s ominous atmospheres support the aggression of punk rock while fusing pop’s glamour and smooth appeal. The lyrics pertain to everyday life: the romantic, mystery, mental health, heartbreak, and navigation of day-to-day chaos. If you have been looking for music that reminds you of the good old days, albeit with a modern-day twist and one that brings pop and rock to the negotiating table for successful impact, your quest ends here with Corbin Forester. Enjoy!

“DR3AM” is Forester’s second LP – a 7-track collection inspired by his phases of turmoil. This EP delves into navigating life’s challenges, from romantic heartbreaks to mental health struggles compounded by feelings of self-inadequacy. He hopes that with this project, anyone going through a rough patch will find solace, feel more understood, and feel less judged!

The title track, “DR3AM” just had to be this emotive and expressive! It stood out above the rest and left a lasting impact on me. It emerges from a stunningly dreamy and immersive soundscape that is hauntingly beautiful. The vocals are warm, velvety, and emotion-drenched, and they breathe life into this ear-catching foundation with punk sensibilities. You can feel the raw emotions of hurt in Forester’s vocals, with his emotive delivery underscoring the weight of this melancholic tune. The tune’s memorable hook encapsulates the song’s theme of heartbreak. This is a bona fide standout by any measure of the word!

That impressive blend of rock rhythm and melodies in “I wanna ruin myself” jumps at a listener from the word go, and the feeling just transcends. And in this jam, ethereal synths and spooky textures are just as important as the guitar riffs, if not more so. I love how he balances the intense, subtly aggressive rock moments with the mellow and smooth pop moments. A tune with lyrics exploring fragmented feelings—this is the kind that is best enjoyed at maximum volume as you sing along at the top of your lungs like no one’s listening!

The synthetic wave in “METAL” impacts the listener with the force of a surprise encounter in a subway station, conjuring up instant euphoria through that distinct and high-energy blend of rhythm and melody. There is that inescapable industrial influence that adds to the cinematic weight of the jam. The hypnotic beat here will actually get you completely lost in the music as you dance with reckless abandon.

“NOTHING EVER HAPPENED” fits the description of an ‘arena-worthy’ banger. The clash of guitars, drums, and bass sets the rock tone complemented by Forester’s crystal clear vocals. This track is the kind that works well with a live performance, with its vibrant concoction ingratiating itself with a listener throughout its length. Simply put, this is the kind of foot-tapping, head-shaking anthem you want to play over and over again!

The commanding piano in “Who I AM” lays the foundation for this profoundly touching masterpiece that has a deeply relatable theme at its core. On the mic, Forester sings with such emotion, getting to the heart of the song with such heartfelt conviction. This jam is bound to resonate with anyone feeling a little lost, grappling with their identity crisis, and unfathomable loneliness!

To say that the entire album, “DR3AM” hits closer to home feels like an understatement. Ultimately, these songs touch on empathetic subject matters, and that’s why I highly recommend them to you!