Motivated by a lifetime of love for music, College’s journey as a musician feels like a natural progression; from a young age, he was a fervent music fan, feeding his eager ears with different sounds and genres and finding solace in the music of his favorite hip-hop artists of that era. After entering the game himself and receiving positive reception, music has become more than just a hobby; it has become a lifeline and a means of self-expression. College aims to send powerful messages to his listeners through his music. He wants his audiences to believe that even in the midst of chaos, everyone has the right to dream, love, and embrace their emotions as well as possibilities. His music serves as a reminder of the beauty and resilience within the human spirit.

He returns with an enchanting love-inspired anthem dubbed “Butterflies” featuring guest artist Dana, an eclectic banger that bridges the worlds of hip hop, rap, and punk rock with astonishing ingenuity!

The track features a striking guitar solo that sets the tone before the packed punchy drums, insane bass licks, synths, and riffs create such an energetic melody that provides solid support for both of these artists’ captivating vocal performances.

It’s incredible how versatile College is, and this track proves his showmanship beyond doubt as he lyrically shines through this catchy and high-energy melodic arrangement, navigating the high-octane instrumentation with ease and exuding such irresistible allure.

An ode to that kind of special love that gives you summertime butterflies, this song features raw, honest, and catchy lyrics, making it an easily engaging anthem that you can sing along to as you dance joyfully with abandon.

Fans of hip-hop, rap, and rock will find “Butterflies” intriguing and a track worthy of any music fan’s attention.

Streaming on all the major platforms globally, here is your chance to feel those “Butterflies” in your stomach as you play the song on repeat and belt out the lyrics with freedom!

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