Clint Maedgen

Hailing all the way from New Orleans in the USA, Clint Maedgen has maintained a steady rise in the music industry with over 25 years of experience under his belt. Serving as a multi-instrumentalist lead man for the Rock band Liquidrone for more than two decades, he graduated to owning his own theatrical and musical band, The New Orleans Bingo! Show in 2001 that went on to tour with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in 2007 and 2008. This remarkably gifted artist has been making waves with his near magical fuse of music, with his photographic exhibitions being showcased in museums.

His music breakthrough perhaps came when he sold 24 customized songs from his photo series of French Quarter Doorbell Pillows that saw a stunning innovation to meld music with photography which allowed him to upgrade from making bedroom beats to professional studio-inspired listener favorites from which the tremendously created pop-rock masterpiece, “Sandra Already Knows” was born.

Clint Maedgen is now set to take on from there, leveraging on every bit of inspiration that springs to his feet to deliver stunningly innovative music. When it comes to pop-rock, very few artists are meaningfully impacting the fabric of the genre with their dynamic compositions, and Clint Maedgen is willing to change that. Driven by an infectious draw to captivate listeners, Maedgen is set to inject a dose of his signature cutting-edge sound into pop-rock fantasy.

“Sandra Already Knows” has already made an impact with its compelling and vibrant soundscape that listeners revel in with the way Clint Maedgen embraces the core pop-rock elements while also incorporating a masterful blend of guitar and blues; “Sandra Already Knows” is an immense listening experience and undoubtedly displays Maedgen’s outstanding showmanship and a deep sense of genre knowledge!

Clint Maedgen really saw an opportunity when COVID hit, bringing together a community of listeners through his online Patreon show that sought to bring that cohesiveness and togetherness through entertainment. Brace yourself, for he is coming in huge this October with an upcoming single titled “ELI and the Sugar Static.”

He also has another French Quarter Doorbell Throw Pillows campaign that seeks to sell customized pillows. You just have to order and send him a 10-word message which will be incorporated to create music from your words – such a thoughtful idea that I feel loyal and new fans alike will love to be involved in.

Follow him on the attached handles so as to support him in his endeavors – through music and fine art photography and let’s all have a Maedgen day, shall we?

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