Introducing Cle Char Harris, an extraordinary musician whose passion for music was kindled by her Korean War Era Marine Corps Veteran mother. Growing up amidst diverse musical influences, from Nat King Cole to The Supremes, Cle Char was immersed in a world of melody and emotion. Her versatile talent reflects this rich tapestry of experiences, captivating listeners with a blend of nostalgia, passion, and soul.

As they make contact with our ears, the skillfully crafted harmonies can’t help but seduce a listener, transporting them to blissful places, sometimes nostalgic and sometimes joyful. And these covers are not just the result of a classically trained artist quenching her creative thirst for the classics; they are part of something huge: a tribute to her own mother, a Korean War Era veteran and heroine in her own right, who contributed to the woman Cle Char Harris is. This is an honor to her legacy, her music taste, including her appreciation for the arranged cover of Pete Townshend and The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes,” and her role in Harris’ life.

With an extremely confident demeanor reaching unprecedented heights, Harris really does justice to both of these covers. “When the Children Cry” has been founded on a very telling violin, which makes part of the intro flanked by the tasty vintage riffs.

On the vocal front, Cle Char Harris effortlessly invokes emotions without ever straining for effort. The recording is of a very high standard, and the track boasts great sonic clarity and warmth.

In “Behind Blue Eyes” cover, Harris lets the listener savor the thickness and variety of her stylistic caliber. What you get in return is an impeccable performance that highlights the remarkable talent of an affable master of musicianship as she tells a nostalgic tale worthy of the big screen.

This is the mark of an artist at the pinnacle of her creative expression; these performances really demonstrate her boundless versatility as a performer.

Anticipation builds as we eagerly await the release of this mini album, scheduled for 5-4-2023, which will also consist of the dazzling instrumentation of CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain.”

We know for a fact that her mom couldn’t be prouder of the woman she has turned out to be, and this worthy tribute from Harris’ heart and soul will have her singing with the angels, her face lit up with glee.

So mark your calendars and prepare to raise a glass to both Cle Char Harris and her mom when these soul-stirring covers finally grace our ears—cheers!