As a proud daughter of a US Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War Era and an Italian immigrant, Cle Char Harris’ love for music across various genres emanates from her family’s diverse musical preferences, which influenced her from a tender age. Her mother played a pivotal role in exposing her to different musical styles, including classical, easy listening, gospel, soft rock, jazz, Calypso, country, R&B, and pop, as well as polkas due to her grandmother’s fondness for them. Harris’ mother ensured she had access to a wide range of music through their home, school, community, and summer programs for children and youth. With influences from artists such as Mahalia Jackson and Willie Nelson, and a particular fondness for Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill,” Harris grew up surrounded by rich musical diversity.

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is an original composition by the English band The Beatles, which was first recorded in 1968…how time flies!

In 2023, Cle Char Harris has delivered her own emotive cover off of her new album “MIACETTI & VVL RESILIENCE II”.

Harris has one of those classic, soulful, and powerful voices that conjures up images of the nightclubs of film noir movies. She sings like a canary and effortlessly transports the listener into another space where nostalgia roams free.

In this performance, her voice is big, yet lyrical, and her intonation and vocal range demonstrate her effortless singing ability.

As a 25-year-old, I can say that this performance by Cle Char Harris gives me such nostalgia for an era of music my eyes have never seen…that is the beautiful mystery around music. You’ve got to love it!

The electric guitar, which has been allowed to thrive over the other instrumentation, gives this track that edge of rock that allows Cle Char Harris to pack an appropriate punch with her relentless vocal delivery.

She really left a mark on me… God knows how many people I’ve already recommended this song to, and the feedback thus far has been positive.

This performance right here is the closest thing you are getting to time travel; I suggest you hurry up and experience what timeless music is all about from someone riding on top of her creative expression!