Cle Char Harris Father and Son

As someone whose life has revolved around music, none has consumed the classics of the golden age quite like classically trained singer Cle Char Harris, whose own mother; a US Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War Era, passed her love for music onto her daughter through the endless classics she played while with Harris and which left a lasting impression on her.

Deciding to honor her family’s shared mutual love for music is how the album “MIACETTI & VVL RESILIENCE II” came about, and the cover of Yusuf/Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son” is part of this vintage collection.

I can remember vividly how my old man shut his eyes, smiled, and nodded every time I’d play this track on my 8 track on road trips to go fishing. To me at age 21, “Father and Son” was just a catchy tune I only partially understood. Now that I am a bit older, every line is profoundly meaningful.

Cle Char Harris’ performances just brought back all those memories; thanks to her for making this beautiful cover so that I and others may savor this masterpiece one more time.

Her rendition is respectful of the original, yet she still finds her own ways to be innovative and creative, with some modern-day twists here and there and the addition of a colorful saxophone over the dulcet guitar harmonies.

The lyrics still carry the same poignant feelings, and her soulfully beautiful voice helps bring out those emotional nuances in a way that a listener can be deeply impacted, just like the original.

You can tell that she wore her heart on her sleeves to give such a complete performance that is grand in scope and flawless in execution.

If you are looking for those kinds of memories that these old songs carry, Harris’ performance is a great way to invoke those emotions you experienced when you first listened to this track.

Thoughtfully performed, immaculately layered, and lovingly produced, Cle Char Harris’ performance here is exactly what you need to feel inspired again!

Follow the attached Spotify link to enjoy this splendid cover, and make sure to also stream the entire “MIACETTI & VVL RESILIENCE II” album.