Chris Olson is the sort of artist who seamlessly blends several genres, creating his own authentic sound in the process. He started out by making acoustic covers to some popular music before he decided to try his feat by making his own original music. Currently based out of London, UK, his own sound is a culmination of visionary, forward-thinking, glistening, and somewhat mesmerizing soundscapes backed by tenderness and a soulful vibe to appeal to a wider fan base. His 2009 “For Emma” EP introduced to the music world an artist with a good ear for sound design and a knack for hit melodies!

Chris Olson is currently generating buzz with his eclectic project dubbed “Dirty Summer.” This authentic track was actually born from his own personal experiences, looking back to his teenage years that were marred with identity crisis, confusion, and a lack of empathy and understanding from everyone else!

The sparkling drum beat jumps at a listener impressively before the arena-sized guitar riffs join in the mix to fashion undeniably vibrant tones. The beats are allowed their moment before Olson makes an entrance with his breezy and uniquely powerful vocals over the upbeat concoction of melodies.

Building on a story, it is safe to say this tune takes cues from alternative country; the way the track builds vibrantly echoes mesmerizing contemporary rock over the consistent folk features. It is just admirable how Olson talks through his words, depicting such a sensational sense of phrasing, all the while effortlessly blending the genre lines for successful impact.

“Dirty Summer” is catchy, infectious, and I just admire the fierce determination and energetic fury with which the riffs have been delivered; it is actually through them that a listener gets to witness Olson’s passion!

“Dirty Summer” is an easy recommendation for anyone who admires meticulous sound craft supplemented by passionate delivery.

To get a taste of this original anthem, follow the attached link and let this track boost your playlist now and forever!

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