The proper use of a human’s primal power leads to the creation of a personal utopia- what is a very intriguing phenomenon is that our memories exist out of time and have no beginning or end to the singer-songwriter and producer Chory 66 from Uruguay, a lack of belief and the yielding into his own fears almost destroyed him; spending his finest hours in a façade of fear and insecurities, he betrayed his dreams, neglected his human treasures and minimized his own impact on the planet by folding under pressure from his own fears and lack of courage to speak his mind and layout his emotions. He almost dead-ended himself through the absolute neglect and outright abandonment of his inherent power and as a result, all his sense of personal freedom and any hope of sovereignty over his lavish talents were almost savaged!

Accepting the call to deploy his most luminous spiritual awakening, he is now a titan who is fearless and determined to make his mark and expand his influence through his mission of spreading love and consciousness through his singing and songwriting! The tune “De Niro” is a special love song that also reaffirms the belief he has in himself and his own staggering abilities as an artist and human being! This track was actually written months before his trip to Egypt where he attended a spiritual event with more than 2,000 people. While at the same event he met a woman and an instantaneous deep connection was formed and a miracle of sorts, the tracks resonate with the feelings he got from meeting this woman – talk about magic!

“De Niro” is an endearingly affectionate track boasting of emotion-filled vocals by Chory 66 and deeply mystifying laid-back melodicism that transcends the euphonic and rhythmic elements in ways that pop genre cannot possibly define! The heightened theme of love, courage, and power are reflected in the optimistic and opulent nature of the music and this emotional tune should connect with global listeners as well as the Spanish, thanks to its grandiose character, exquisite melody, and Chory 66’s own stunning vocal excellence!

The music video is equally ingratiating with the complementary high-standard pictures depicting a lively and joyous scene from the people who attended the event, dancing and exuding larger than life demeanor, the cut-edge clips from Chory 66 with the beautiful woman he met, and the all-around Egyptian landscape and sceneries that will fill your adventurous heart with delight! Follow the attached link to subscribe to Cherry 66’s YouTube channel, watch the music video, like it, and leave an appreciative comment below!

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