A dynamic force in the worlds of pop, dance, R&B, and rock, Carmine Davis brings raw authenticity into a repertoire of true and tested standards. His music defies genre norms as he seamlessly blends pop grit with dance and rock finesse, backed by sweet-sounding vocals that oscillate through different soundscapes, exuding such irresistible allure. Unwilling to compromise on quality, Davis believes that every song should be beautiful, funky, and expressive, or a blend of these traits. His enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics provide an escape from the chaos, reminding us all to dream, love, and embrace our sexuality unapologetically. He is also a podcast host and producer.

Carmine Davis is now set to release his highly anticipated single, “I know what boys like…” – a classic rock-inspired masterpiece with eclectic dance influences. This song will officially debut on September 25, 2023.

A track that mixes nostalgic and retro synthesizers with punchy drums, pulsating and heart-pumping bass lines, and powerful guitar riffs, Davis conjures up a catchy and vibrant original masterpiece and two other manipulated versions will give you a cathartic listening experience worth remembering.

A sexual call to embrace your sexuality, wear it with pride, harness that inherent power, and feed off the pleasure, “I know what boys like…” is a seriously tasty banger that the world could do with right now.

In the midst of all the chaos, everyone has the right to dream, love and be loved, embrace their sexuality, and be inspired, and that’s exactly what Carmine Davis hopes to achieve with this incredible release.

Carmine Davis’s music serves as a reminder of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit and the gift that is life, which deserves to be enjoyed whenever an opportunity arises.

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