It is safe to say that R&B/ Soul have found their creative harbinger with C. Garrett’s “Intro”- a masterpiece that sees the artist vividly paint pictures with his words, smoothly walk over the beat, and like a professional MMA athlete, deliver each powerful bar and verse with artful intensity. This track was actually written and recorded way back in 2020, and it has finally been released, a feat that C. Garrett couldn’t be prouder of achieving.

Each flow and bar-drop feels like a brushstroke, painting an intricate portrait encapsulating the emotions that inspired this masterpiece: anger, hurt, disappointment, and betrayal. And it is not like he comes off confrontational; no, this is him expressing his emotions over the beat naturally.

The beat is excellent and catchy, and his voice is expressive, ideal for the track. This performance is a demonstration of the artist’s songwriting knack as well as his passion for the craft. His love for the craft is evident in each and every verse here.

The track’s sound has been captured diligently with an immaculate arrangement to give this track an undeniably authentic feel.

“Intro” is a track of reflection that embraces the acceptance of past hurtful experiences and the journey of moving forward. With the introspective rhymes, C. Garrett takes the listener into a world of his creation and allows them to find their own stories within the lyrics.

A high-end performance with replay value, this track is unique and equally immersive, the kind that takes up residence in your brain even after you are done with it; that’s how you know it’s golden.

C. Garrett effortlessly blends storytelling with poetic finesse, his impeccable flows and emotive delivery underscoring the weight of his lyrics to leave an indelible impact on the listener.

Already streaming on all platforms, this is your chance to dig the vibe in this banger; follow the attached link and find a spot for it under your favorite playlist.

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