Bunny Daniels’ eclectic sound is a breath of fresh air in a modern era that calls back to the sounds of such artists as Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Alicia Keys. Her concepts are rooted in blissful storytelling through vivid imagery, drawing from real-life experiences to create music with deep resonance. Priding herself on her versatility and uniqueness, Daniels has always set herself apart through her knack for fitting smoothly into the pockets of various styles of production, from pop and disco to R&B and hip hop.

Her just released single, “Mrs. Perfect” is undeniably the perfect way to start the year in self-growth! Right from the word go, the skillfully crafted melodies can’t help but seduce a listener, transporting them to a time back in the late 90s or early 2000s with their favorite R&B music playing from the radio or from the car stereo while on a long drive with family to meet relatives or friends!

It is just fascinating how a track like this is capable of taking a listener to a certain time in their lives, and when Daniels’ starts singing with her angelic vocals; you just can’t help yourself as you turn the volume up to harmful effects!

Bunny Daniels possesses the kind of particular vocals that pertain to the genre appeal of R&B and pop, and that is why she is at home in this performance, going on to deliver a soulful and immersive listening experience that you just can’t get enough of.

Her performance generously blends nostalgic R&B with hints of gospel and sprints of pop to create an authentic track that is on its own level. “Mrs. Perfect” is a celebration of finally rescuing yourself from a gripping toxic love and realizing how close you were to losing all of yourself, but you are now so much better and happier alone; after all, you deserve it!

Profoundly touching and delivered straight from the heart and soul, “Mrs. Perfect” just has to be in your playlist!

Follow the attached link and start a lifetime love affair with this authentic masterpiece!

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