“Buggin’ Out” introduced a talented artist with a taste for classic R&B and melodic raps and much more new sounds that revolve around R&B and hip hop. Taking conscious music to the next level in a style that migrates between soulful nostalgic R&B and thought-inspiring rap, it is the variety and complexity of Canadian star Buggie Bars’ delivery that really plants an important flag for a career that is destined to thrive in an industry brimming with exciting fresh talents. Launch yourself and discover the work of Buggie Bars; grab a bit of Windsor and dive into the international scene with Buggie as your guide!

Buggie Bars likes to think that his music really defies classification and attempts to embody his diverse influences, albeit with a consistent R&B and rap brand. Sonically, Buggie can’t be boxed into a category, and his sound extends into contemporary music as he incorporates contrasting musical ideas from various genres and blends them with meaningful lyrics and experiences—delivering in a way that listeners from all walks of life can connect with!

As someone who has always been conscious and careful of the importance and power of the message of a song, his latest masterpiece, “Shine,” exemplifies authentic inspirational anthems from start to finish. Buggie Bars really gives his heart and soul out in this performance, which is still ringing fresh in my head even as I write this.

A track that cuts across R&B and rap enchantingly, “Shine” is a must-listen tune, with Buggie delivering powerful vocals and melodies that hook the listener instantly. This motivational ballad takes listeners on a memorable journey with its strong lyrical content and relatability.

With the tuneful hit of the piano is met with a poetic lyrical introduction, “A day with no laughter is a wasted day…” Buggie then goes on to deliver a poetic masterclass before switching gears to smoothly cruise over the mellow R&B beats, singing with his gently-nourished male vocals!

Buggie Bars has got those velvety, cottony, and glossy male vocals that pertain to the genre appeal of R&B, and he is not shy of testing their depth and range. This performance right here is just immersive and engaging, thanks to that tasteful and memorable chorus;

“Get up, this ain’t the end, you’ll see

Get up, you got a friend in me

Get up, you got to try again

Get up, you got to shine, my friend”

There is just a way Buggie Bars reels you in, and before you know it, you are singing jubilantly and dancing ecstatically like no one’s watching. I love the sense of phrasing and the deep message that has been delivered so earnestly—in a manner everyone can relate to!

This track really reminded me of J.K. Rowling, who states that “Failure inflates fearlessness; it is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all”

“Shine” is the tune to remind us to endure because we’ve got that steel inside us; on the other side of every tragedy lives a triumph, and beyond adversity lays a bridge into enduring victory. You cannot afford to give up now. You have to “Shine” your way through everything, no matter how hard it gets, because the great power of the universe is within you—all that you desire with active faith, positivity, expectancy, and purposeful conviction is on its way to you. And if that which you wish for does not come, it’s simply because something even better is on the way!

“Shine” is already streaming on your favorite platforms; follow the attached link and add this beautiful tune to your library.

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