BrittKat Shade Room

Brittany Clay, who goes by her professional stage name of BrittKatt, is about the next female artist who will be rising from her hometown of Hillsboro, Alabama, to the rest of the world as she comes through with a sound she is happy to call hers authentically. This multi-talented songstress, who is also a model and actress, is not limited when it comes to her style of music. She is just as proficient in them hip-hop beats as she is in rock, pop, and R&B melodies. Like a lyrical assassin, she likes the sound embellished in that dark aesthetic emo thrill that sticks a chord with many listeners who appreciate artistic improvisation.

She is here with a huge hip-hop reimagined track, “Shade Room”- a constructed fraught packed with knife-edge rap display and sensitivity that mirrors her confidence that is infectious. The repeated, poetic confrontation of naysayers delivered with her unapologetic attitude is addicting in an inexplicably ‘racy’ kind of way!

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The beats are heavy and come dripping from within the vintage, and atmospheric synth lines before the deep-phased bass, tremendous drums and resounding 808s join into fashion a club banger kind of vibe. The groove is then met with her armed repertoire of fresh flows as she faultless delivers some heavy bars with the finesse of wordplay and some tormenting catchy phrases in between.

This is a straight hit, and she really is a lyrical Hercules, with the strength she displays here undoubtedly matchless. This track is a huge testament to her evident hunger to build a long-lasting and boundary-busting career, and it will leave a lasting impression on any listener due to the luxuriously stylish blazing beats and the impassioned rap delivery!

“Shade Room” is the anthem for all the boss ladies and gents who don’t take disrespect lying down and aren’t afraid to reciprocate the same vibes other people give them.

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