Some artists create music with personal lyrics and polished production, but Brenden Starr stands out with his genre-bending sound that blends driving rock and ‘80s-inspired pop into an emotionally satisfying and unique style. Regardless of where you feel Starr fits in the genre chart, you can rest assured that he does his best to push the genre boundaries and not limit himself to what type of music he provides.

His “Hopeless Romantic” EP is here, the first of many to come from this incredibly gifted musician who possesses a voice of gold. Pouring his heart and soul into songwriting, this 9-track piece was born, and it is everything you’d coin a radio staple!

The tracks in this collection are captivating and unforgettable, thanks to Starr’s distinctive vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and memorable melody lines that will stay with you long after the music ends.

Aside from displaying his vocal gift and penchant for fusing poignant lyrics with super catchy melodies, this EP is also a demonstration of his impeccable instrumental prowess. After over 31 minutes of cathartic listening experience, you will be left wishing there was just one more verse so that you could keep indulging in that goosebumps-inducing, once-in-a-lifetime vocal and instrumental performance.

Take for example the track “Gravity” which is one of my favorites from the collection. The track is so dynamic, opening up with some crunchy riffs, that this tune is ear candy, to say the least. The lyrics and beauty of the tune are simply wondrous. I love how, as the track progresses, the vitality and glamour of pop come out, backed by the cinematic scores.

Brenden’s pop-infused vocals are enchanting and captivating as he goes on to fashion an impassioned performance, bringing out the cinematic and emotional nuances of the track splendidly.

Another standout anthem from the collection is “Top of the World,” which operates between moments of low and high intensity. The arena-sized guitar riffs bring out its rock taste, whereas the full vocals give it that ear worming pop vibe. This track really is outstanding and is done in a way that feels like an incredibly powerful pop-rock anthem with that howling presence.

Brenden manages to build up tension and grit while delivering a solemn, anthemic vibe. Genre-wise, a tune like “Crossroads” is drenched in that vibrant alternative rock. It is quite refreshing to hear Brenden Starr represent this piece so masterfully. The raw intensity of the guitar riffs flanked by the self-assured vocals is my favorite bits from this performance!

Tell you what, the soundscape of the entire “Hopeless Romantic” is lush and full-bodied, while Starr’s velvety and heartfelt vocals, along with the pop-rock percussion, create a euphoric and sentimental feeling that is impossible to resist.

This is a next-level project for Brenden Starr and one that will elevate him to international acclaim. In a world full of superficial lyricism and trend-grabbing art, Brenden chooses to walk his own path toward honest artistry and timeless songwriting, and that is why he deserves your ear with this meaningful and relevant EP that demonstrates his boundless creativity not only as a cross-genre musician but also as an avid storyteller.

To stream “Hopeless Romantic” in its entirety, follow the attached link and relish every second of it!