Music is the most intricate and creative means of sharing one’s thoughts and interpretations to a large audience. Sarah Rae, a versatile artist, has wowed the audience with her outstanding storytelling abilities, which she uses to express her personal feelings and emotions. She recently released ‘Brand New Eyes,’ a three-track EP with implacable top-notch production and performance.

Sarah Rae combines the comfort of heartbreakingly beautiful rock hooks with her medium-paced voice to create a personal bond by weaving intricately delicate melodies with her amazing verses. The EP’s thematic stream is musically synthesized with contemporary dream-pop notes, and it takes a creative and imaginative dive into it. Her ability to frame her observations and the voluptuous affinity of her voice combine in a blissful combination to pave the way for the songs’ expansive reach. ‘Brand New Eyes’ is a soulful and blissful project that is wonderfully orchestrated from the different elementary blocks to getting them all together.

The EP is a mellifluous amalgamation of some of the most flexible blocks and parts of the collective pop and rock extravaganza, from its reinvention of rhythmic patterns to the arrangement of sound dynamics. The overall experience becomes more important to the listener as the artist lends her vocal individuality to the structure of the songs.