Rooted in integrity, hard work, and an insatiable passion for music, Boomer Baby Sounds focuses on putting together cohesive arrangements paired with emotive melodies, all fueled by the stories of his life. With every song, John who is the founder and main performer of Boomer Baby Sounds leans into his artistry to narrate his memories of past events or feelings about certain subjects. He is a seasoned songwriter who weaves a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and thoughts through his music with the aim of inspiring, uplifting, and empowering his listeners.

With so many mediums to consume music and the seemingly universal desire to become a musician, Boomer Baby Sounds simply found out what was unique about him and capitalized on it. It has never been the intention of Boomers to follow trends but simply to draw inspiration to convert them into their own. Inspired by countless stars of both the past and present, he simply weaves their legendary influences with his own unique twists to come up with a sound and strength of his own, and that is what makes him stand out.

Boomer Baby Sounds returns with a 6-track EP dubbed “Peace Is Missing” inspired by the happenings all around the world, especially the wars, coups, and all manner of bloody revolutions being experienced.

“You Can’t Separate Me” is a beautifully haunting and captivating piece of music from start to finish. With its blistering fretboard work, soaring vocal performance, and marvelous sense of classic rock-drenched performances, this song is a passionately written and imaginatively crafted piece of rock that is full of spirit and an abundance of heart. John is clearly a talented writer and performer, and he’s cooked up a particularly catchy rocker of a track that I find myself still humming, which is always a great sign that the song is golden!

Any great rock track needs a powerful lead vocal performance at its forefront, and John undoubtedly delivers on this with the title track, “Peace Is Missing”. Not only do the vocals possess the necessary character to really reel the listener in, but the sheer level of control on display is superb. He nails that classic rock sense of attitude, and his vocal range is incredibly diverse. The striking power behind his voice alone is a joy to listen to.

“Peace Is Missing” wants to make people feel, not just think, about the drama and absurdity of war, the spiral of violence, and the devastation that the vulnerable and innocent are going through every day with these wars. Every time, in our conscience, it feels like we are sacrificing our humanity in exchange for what is not life, lighting the fuse for new massacres everywhere. John is just shedding light on reality and using his artistic influences to speak up for what is wrong with our world!

“It’s Too Bad for Me (When Movie Stars Collide)” features a simple but effective melody with some seriously tasty guitar playing and drums that help inject the track with that extra bit of flair. The cyclic nature of the rhythm and melody creates a somber atmosphere in which John’s voice is heard. This performance here feels almost like a mantra that needs to end and then explode. It is the sound atmosphere that creates the conditions for developing a feeling, and the end result is magical. It’s actually like a stream of consciousness that ends with the need to deeply and constantly change oneself in order to survive!

As you can tell, there is quite a lot for a music fanatic to vibe off of this project, which has been received with critical acclaim from both fans and critics.

To dig your teeth into it in its entirety, I suggest you follow the link and let the music take over!

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