Black Sweater That Girl I Knew

Black Sweater is made up of San Diego brothers Sam Sheffield and Caleb Sheffield. This duo has an affinity for designing authentic pop/rock songs that not only reflect the nostalgia of that boisterous 70s and 80s rock sound but also mirror the futuristic aesthesis of the rip-roaring pop grandiose, which makes them not only unique but also intriguing with the level of improvisation they bring to the music table. They are now back with their much-anticipated album, “That Girl I Knew”- a 16-piece engineered album that takes on the matter of love and relationship and covers all angles from love, loss, heartbreak, and falling out of love, and everything in-between. So if you want to take on an expedition where love is the topic of the day, Black Sweater has got you covered in a monumental way with this latest release!

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There is something for everyone in this album with the earthy and luxurious melodies accented by the equally breathtaking vocal display, with the tracks characterized by euphonic hooks and memorable choruses. This album pierces the heart of who Black Sweater is as a duo; eclectic and unashamedly earnest. This album is a culmination of the duo’s strong love for music and a deep desire to pursue a long-lasting career in the music industry. By investing their time and energy in creating fresh bodies of work like this, Black Weather is set to leave an indelible impression on its listeners.

There are so many favorite tracks from this album, and I want to focus on the first gratifying single, “You’re Too Late,”- a super compelling track that is solidly mixed with exceptional arrangement and delivery. The intro is enticing with the perfect use of melodic spark embellished by the intriguing drums and aggressive guitar tones. The piano cuts through nicely, and the vocals are really engaging with a progressive fascination. The drums have a gratifying thump, and there is an almost modern pop quality to the track. This track has a way it drips into an addictive choruses section that emotionally pulls a listener into a stupor.

There is that artistic change of pace that makes this song a dynamic, elegant body of art, and the abundantly layered fine details are somewhat indicative of the era and genre. This is for the ones who are not ready to let go with the lyrics making for a brilliant theme-resonant quality. Overall, this is an outstanding track that serves as a kind of enjoyable melodic capsule, both for the artists and the listeners!

The whole of this album highlights Sam’s accomplished songwriting, and a listener will immerse into the universe that such tracks; as “Moves Like You,” “Wonder Why,” “Pretty Lonely,” “Helpless,” “Speak To Me,” “Only Friend” and the others create. By the end of your listening experience, you will be a Black Sweater fan with these tracks elevating your playlist appropriately!

“That Girl I Knew” is now available on all the major streaming platforms; follow the attached link to find out your favorite tunes from the 16-piece melodic collection!


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