The story of BenYa is really heartbreaking and also very inspirational; forced into exile from his own country of Iran in 2009, he found himself a refugee seeking asylum into not-so-welcoming countries and his journey has really been one where he has had to toil with loneliness and not so sure of where his future belonged. It almost seemed like everything happening to him had killed his past and was fast spreading into his future. No, he had nothing to look forward to. Through this hardship, he did not despair, and neither did he give in to his defeated self to just give it all up; he kept going and that is why he epitomizes that resoluteness and never-say-die attitude that is genuinely meritorious, to say the least.

Ever since he was young, music was where he found refuge and as he quickly noticed, he had a penchant for singing, writing, and playing several instruments. The environment he found himself in was not very favorable for his insatiable passion and he soon fell out of love with what was perhaps his saving grace. There is a silver lining as this story has a happy ending after all and that is why we are celebrating this prodigious achiever who has found his niche again and is set to tell relatable narratives using his musical gift.

To get acquainted to his set of skills, I’d suggest you start by listening to his 2021 single “Good Times” which boasts impressive numbers largely due to the level of musical ingenuity it possesses.

The single “My Testimony” is BenYa’s attestation over the mic and what better way to tell his predicaments than over hip-hop beats and in a way that honors the art of poetry. This is an honest conversation and BenYa really comes off raw and honest in ways that make you relate to his story.

He tells of how he found himself facing a conundrum of whether to go back to his inhabitable native Iran which would be equivalent to committing suicide or stay in Australia where he was not really welcomed and faced threats of deportation from time to time.  I found some of the phrases like ‘doing time in the prison of music’ very metaphorically and significant which highlight his clever use of figuration to present his message.

BenYa admits that “My Testimony” is his first rap song in English and even I who has reviewed thousands of music from foreign artists wouldn’t have guessed- it comes off so effortless and it’s like he has been doing this his whole life. I guess it’s just in him; – you know just an innate charisma that needs to be let out more often.

As he forgets the past and focuses the future that is him, I can only assume that with “My Testimony”, BenYa is finally back into doing what he always wanted to pursue ever since he was young- only time will tell!

For now to give “My Testimony” a listen; follow the attached link, stream this track, add it to your favorite playlist and share it around!

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