Ben Emanuelson

Ben Emanuelson is an ingenious musician whose career spans a number of disciplines; he is a guitarist, singer, bassist, and songwriter. With over 25 years of experience, he has a little something for each generation of rock music devotees. Having been able to take cues for his sound from the golden age of music, you can always expect a bit of punk, metal, indie folk, and more alternative rock—all highlighted with a passionate delivery and backed by instrumental virtuosity. By expressing his unique sound through his purposeful lyrics and melodies, his work has culminated as a catalyst towards revolutionary progression and catapulted him to international standards.

His impressive catalog boasts high-energy tracks with buoyant drums, lively guitar riffs, bass, and self-assured vocals that underscore Ben Emanuelson’s focus on creating music that is incredibly diverse and hard to pin down. He always loves to dive deeper into groundbreaking and innovative sonic aesthetics to set the bar higher.

It might come as a marvelous surprise to you how his music manages to feel nostalgic, yet relevant. Unheard of but warmly familiar! In the alternative rock ensemble, “Point of No Return,” featuring the phenomenally gifted and soulful female vocalist Lydia Collinge, you can actually feel how the vocals themselves transcend regular singing, at times feeling like they are the instruments themselves and interacting beautifully with the fiercely hit guitar riffs and drums to fashion a genuinely arresting tune you could listen to on repeat without ever getting enough.

Their chemistry here is actually one to behold, and that beautiful contrast of vocals gives this tune a more stripped-back feel that is reminiscent of folk-rock. I love the diversity; the guitar work is again top-notch and highlights the instrumental prowess that Ben Emanuelson holds in his arsenal.

Bushology” is a proper rock anthem that features some clean guitar tones countered by distorted riffs. I love how organic, thrilling, and transcendental this mega piece is, with a very effective vocal delivery by Ben Emanuelson that is ear-grabbing.

In this masterpiece, Ben Emanuelson is able to seamlessly blend together a very nostalgic rock sound that is effective in its execution and vivacious in its performance value. The coherence to combine that diligent breakthrough rock sound that possesses the heaviness and melodic edge is worthy of critical acclaim. The early 70s and 80s may feel like eons ago, but somehow with this performance, Ben Emanuelson is able to make it feel like a distant yesterday!

Ben Emanuelson puts forth an insatiable dose of energy you’d expect from a metal outfit in the track “Mystery of Love“- enhancing his stylistic caliber with the earth-shuttering drums, venomous, crafty, and deep-tuned guitar riffs, and unbeatably energetic vocal presentation to make this a powerful anthemic rock that has a howling presence. Through the drummer’s bloodthirsty fury and the guitarist’s undomesticated resolve, you get to experience the raw vibe and sting of this enthralling masterpiece!

Someone might ask why you should listen to Ben Emanuelson in a musical world brimming with fresh talents. Well, in a musical world bulging with superficial lyricism and trend-grabbing art, Ben Emanuelson always walks his own path toward honest artistry and timeless songwriting that very few artists of his era can be able to match.

Emanuelson is actually set to continue igniting the music industry with brutal and soul-reaching music paired with his insatiable passion for rock and live-sounding instruments!

This is then an invitation to experience some meticulous songcraft revolving around authentic rock music; just follow the attached link and get acquainted with your new favorite artist if you haven’t already!`

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