Becky Raisman Cruising

Becky Raisman is a singer/songwriter who is based out of Charleston, SC, but is originally from Chicagoland. Inspired by a lifetime of musical influences, Becky’s music production stems from the pop approach while keeping its true quintessence on the groove and catchy hooks! Raisman sparked international interest following the release of her deservedly acclaimed “Summertime Sugar” single, which was closely followed by a spectacular debut EP, “This is My Moment,” that was also widely recognized.

Becky brings more culturally satisfying and ethereally fulfilling music as she utilizes her melody gifts to deliver solid messages that are as impactful as they are entertaining. She is the type of artist who delivers the music you love; pins you to a place and time that will set off memories that will stay with you forever. She has dedicated her life to the craft, and her expertise and sense of genre knowledge have grown over the years to match her needs as her creativity grows; she now knows how to best express her feelings and experiences musically.

“Cruising” is Raisman’s latest EP, a 4-track collection with some undeniably moving soundtracks that will help you cruise down the streets of musical fantasy and ecstasy in inexpressibly astounding ways.

I love how authentic and seamless each track feels; for example, the chorus in the opening track, “I Can Be Your Crush,” shines dazzlingly with intimacy and a melody that is down-right contagious. This is the sort of hook that will not only remain ingrained in your head, but could also be enticing for a mood-boosting compliment. Becky Raisman handles the vocals with a killer approach, nailing down every bit of emotion that this track carries with it!

“Finaly Begun” comes off as very catchy and emotional. It is the sort of tune that gets you in your feelings, experiencing some type of emotions that you didn’t know existed in the first place. Her lively vocals slink through with clarity and command as she goes to deliver a matchless performance that is instantly recognizable to any listener, despite their genre preferences. It is a tune that you can also dance to comfortably if you are the kind of listener who, like me, is always on their feet, ready to dance to any kind of beat!

The track “Go Cruising” features some gloriously hit introductory guitar melodies, and I kind of feel that Becky possesses that particular kind of vocal presence that is required in order to really bring out the somewhat gentle nuance and emotional features that this tune has, and I’m happy to report that Raisman really does a gracious job of inoculating the lyrics with the vital benignancy that they deserve. With such an exquisite approach to both dynamics and phrasing, Becky is able to strikingly engineer a crisp distillation and a sense of understated elegance that help capture the track’s specific feelings and its pop sensibilities, as well as its affecting nature that stays with a listener outside of this tune.

The arrangement in the track “Let’s Not Over Complicate” is quite simply excellent; featuring the guitar dominated melodies, it is here that Becky’s own raw and mellifluous, incredibly audible vocals get to flourish- offering a listener luxury in the form of tonal diversity and vocal interplay. The prolific, full-sounding string textures are used as the perfect bed of support for Becky Raisman’s undeniably pleasing voice, ensuring a listener feels fully soaked up by the music and, even more consequentially, the feel-saturated performances that bring it to life!

“Cruising” is really the EP that cannot be denied by its audience, and I have no doubt that you will appreciate such sound dynamism and excellence as that displayed here by Becky Raisman. Follow the attached link so as to stream this EP in its entirety and boost your playlist with these epic-sounding tunes. You owe it to color your music library with the best available music!

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