BB Thomaz is Set to Release Her Much Anticipated Single”I Miss Your Face”

With the incredible depth of heart and wonderfully crafted sound of BB Thomaz’s music, she has distinguished herself as a true brilliant artist and a truly collaborative spirit. After a fantastic breakout year in his career in 2017 that saw the artist create a major impression with explosive releases like “Serenity” and “Brand New” – BB Thomaz has returned to the center of the spotlight to resume 2021 with a brand-new cut named “I Miss Your Face.”

When missing your significant other, getting through the night can be the most difficult part; we’ve all been there, especially during this pandemic. “I Miss Your Face”  calms a person’s heart and provides a serene opportunity to take a moment and contemplate as the person’s memories are played. It’s a modern-day love ballad with a powerful edge of realism that is beautifully refreshing in detail. The music is notable for being timeless, straightforward, and organic, with a mildly distinctive beat woven in for a cleanly mixed R&B feel.

I miss your face, i miss your touch, how you smell in the morning, how you feel when you hug me” are lyrics to which anyone who is missing someone can connect and wishes that person was there with them right now. This music plays straight into that concept, putting the listener in a positive and hopeful frame of mind of seeing that person some .day




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