Baklava Express - Dávka

Baklava Express is a refreshingly eclectic Middle Eastern powerhouse led by oud player Josh Kaye, who is on track to be the next global superstar. With a traditionally tapped Arabian-influenced sound with Turkish, Greek, and Armenian influences complemented by a glowing blend of jazz, flamenco, rock, and Eastern European folk music, this band is a force of nature.

With diversely talented and seasoned members who have been exposed to a melting pot of cultures, it is no surprise that the collective band’s musical style is heavily influenced by a multitude of styles, with their genuinely brand-new compositions coming straight from the heart and speaking to the depths of the soul.

Baklava Express has been selling out venues around NYC as they uniquely connect to the hearts of their audiences, and seeing the positive response their music has had, they felt that they needed to share this artful music with the rest of the world in the hope of making that global impact.

That is how their debut album, “Dávka,” came to be. This is a full-length 9-track record that features some of the most fascinating compositions and awe-inspiring instrumentation I have listened to in quite a while!

You know many artists, aspiring and otherwise, come out and say how they want to make authentic music and carve out their own niches as far as original music is concerned. Tell you what, “Dávka” is the most authentic thing I have listened to this year. This is the sound of yesteryear, dragged marvelously and made to fit in the present, and even without the lyrics, the songs are communicative.

There is a plethora of emotions and genuine feelings being exuded here that allow a listener to develop their own deep connection with the music, and that is what makes this album so special. Throughout their performance and impeccable coordination, you are made aware of a collective group who know each other’s strengths and professionally bounce off one another’s creativity and invention.

There are sentimental and hopeful ballads as much as there are ‘feel-good’ and cathartic tunes that leave you operating in that state of music-induced intoxication.

And it’s quite fascinating how the tracks transition into one another without the album losing its essence or authenticity, and while the tracks here do not sound the same, they share common qualities: originality, perception, dynamism, examination, and an impression as deep as fingerprints.

Baklava Express has most certainly cultivated an inseparable bond rooted in traditional eclectic music that sounds and feels warmly familiar. Designated to become an influencing and driving force encouraging all to pursue their dreams and beliefs, this Middle Eastern fusion project is destined to provide eardrum motivation to its global fanbase.

Baklava Express’ hypnotic allure is bound to shock and awe all those who get the opportunity to hear their signature, captivating sound. They are currently on pace to ignite music entertainment with divine and soul-reaching music paired with their passion for reaching the heart of every culture.

This is what raw organic music tastes like, with everything built from the ground up by a band that has been performing together for years now. As they embark on this inception journey to share with the world their genuinely brand new style of music, they can only hope that you will enjoy the music as much as they enjoyed making it.

To listen to “Dávka” in its entirety, follow the attached link and add the tracks that you most resonate with to your playlist!

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