BADE is a 3-piece multicolored rock band that has been navigating the rock landscape with both style and pizzazz, ultimately conjuring up something that feels distinct and genre-defiant but is still within the spectrum of rock music. From tales of love and heartbreak to those of social concern and mental health, their lyricism is just as eccentric as the music they create.

Blending their stage-show-ready guitar riffs, a memorable bassline, and genre-fluid drums is how the masterpiece “THE VEIL” was birthed. There is, of course, that complementary vocal performance that breathes life into the lyrical narrative of this tune, whose strength lies in its timeless features.

Watching this performance live is meant to give you an eargasm. There are many favorite moments from this performance, but one really stands out; when the band lures the viewer in with that guitar technology and performs with such awe-inspiring virtuosity and showmanship.

I love how, as the track progresses, BADE unleashes a timeless medley of arena-sized riffs and feet-tapping drums to suck the listener into this performance while rewarding them with a true ‘feel-good’ cathartic experience.

You just wish you were there to witness such a live explosion of unique and passionate talent…I am so jealous of that audience that got to witness such an epic and rewarding performance from a band that is on its way to claiming superstardom.

This performance is brimming with a charged but not oppressive atmosphere, with fast and direct rhythms that highlight the track’s incredible story meant to connect to audiences on a deep emotional level.

This performance is like a blend of spontaneity and premeditation, like a recipe in which all the necessary ingredients are already prepared in advance, and it is only necessary that the band combine them properly and at the right times…simply magic that does not always arise, but when it does, it becomes evident in the result like this!

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There is so much in store for BADE who are gearing up for the release of their full-length debut album that is scheduled for 2024 release.

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