AUH2O is an eclectic artist who likes to explore and experiment with different sounds to see what comes of them. By stretching the genre boundaries and not really limiting himself to the type of sound he creates, he has built his music around a concoction of hip-hop, electronic music, and jazz. His epic and distinctive style makes use of vintage samples and experimental sound design, and that is what has made it so popular—you don’t get this type of sound anywhere else.

While at the height of his creative expression, AUH2O engineered a timeless and hypnotic masterpiece dubbed, “BLUNT IN THE TRUNK” that bounces off of his adventurous musical ideas.

A super exciting banger in its own right, “BLUNT IN THE TRUNK” is actually a single off of AUH2O’s upcoming “IRON CITY CHOP SHOP” album, which is expected to officially drop on April 12, 2023.

With this masterpiece stealing headlines thanks to its ingenious experimental and vintage showmanship, something else about it has got the whole world talking: the high-grade AI-generated music video that complements it is undeniably breathtaking!

The AI algorithm was utilized to near perfection to engineer a supplementary anime-inspired visual show that blends symbols representing the finance industry, space exploration, and magic mushrooms. Three seemingly unrelated things but one that fits the eclectic narrative and essence of this banger!

What you get from that eye-catching music video is quite an unforgettable treat that demands your attention throughout the track’s length.

While many artists have mastered the art of integrating relatable narratives into their music, very few are capable of capturing the body, mind, and soul of their listeners, transporting them into blissful places, sometimes nostalgic and sometimes joyful, quite like how AUH2O does with this track.

You won’t even know it, you will just find yourself entranced, sucked into the performance, and whisked away into space exploration throughout the music video’s length. Now that’s a rare talent!

“BLUNT IN THE TRUNK” is epic, thrilling, and adrenaline-rushing—all the basic ingredients of an authentic masterpiece!

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