German producer, rapper, and songwriter Aremcee has been making music for over 15 years, giving him an edge when it comes to his musical dexterity. As a producer, he is always on cue for the latest trends in sounds and always manages to stay slightly ahead of the curve, a feat that has enabled him to stay relevant for the over a decade and a half that he has been in the game. Priding himself on his versatility and adroitness to manipulate any type of sound around hip hop so as to create authentic, timelessly crafted music, Aremcee has been able to engineer a wide range of musicality that offers a little something for each generation.

Aremcee’s latest masterpiece, “Rent Free,” is one transcendently impressive body of work; he really did magic here by blending unique cultures and sounds to come up with one articulately arranged soundtrack that is genuinely incomparable.

The guitar intro is inviting; the dulcet harmonies make you feel relaxed and ready to receive any incoming sweetness. To augment the feeling further, strikingly gifted Canadian vocalist Mary Dee breathes life with her harmonious, smooth, and glossy vocals, unleashing what becomes the hook for this earworming banger.

Before you’re done beholding, the deep and heavy sounds are rallied, and they answer the call honorably; dropping with a bang, featuring the signature booming basslines, popping snares, rickety synths, pounding 808s, and anthemic drums. Just in time to obliterate them, Houston lyricist RM Ray Martin drops his own sharp-witted rhymes like a true wordsmith!

Saving himself for the main event as the headliner; Aremcee makes a grand entrance with his razor-sharp punchlines dropped in his quintessential German language. He is swift and pounces on every beat like a hungry tiger with a fat gazelle on site. If anything, this lyrical performance just highlights his in-game experience and innate rapping gifts.

For a track precisely dubbed “Rent Free,”  you can expect nothing less of its impact; it will keep haunting you and remain in your head whether you like it or not (it comes with the service!).

This is what impeccably crafted artistry sounds and feels like; that unique blend with the mellow female vocals, the detail-oriented and immaculate production to uniquely present everything so flawlessly, and of course the matchless lyrical craftsmanship are all factors that contribute to the bulging success of this certified hit!

To get a taste of what heaven on earth feels like, follow the attached link and make sure you add “Rent Free” to your library!

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