Representing the DMV area in Washington, DC, Aquaa Mermaid’s musical journey, marked by constant discovery and evolution, showcases her resilience and adaptability. She continually seeks to improve, enhancing her skills and cadence to become her best self. As an artistic powerhouse, she embraces the boundless nature of her creativity. And why should she? Music provides a unique platform for limitless exploration and expression. She simply leverages this reality, taking influences from hip-hop, R&B, rock, and pop to create something meant to stand the test of time.

She is back and is the talk of town following the release of the electrifying remix of her single “What Do U Know” that was originally released on June 10, 2022, as a pop song. This new remix adopts a rock direction with high-octane instrumentation and fiery lyrics.

The “What Do U Know (Remix)” captivates with a tantalizing electric guitar riff that immediately demands attention. Aquaa Mermaid wastes no time in making her mark, delivering a rap-fueled intro that is hard-hitting, emotional, and poignant all at the same time.

Aquaa infuses this song with emotional depth, seamlessly transitioning between rapping and singing. She tackles the subject matter head-on, expressing herself in a manner that is undoubtedly therapeutic.

This is Aquaa reclaiming her power and strength; taking back the control she had relinquished to someone she loved and whom she thought loved her back, revealing the individual’s true nature as a serial cheater, master manipulator, and shameless liar. She embodies independence and control, exuding a resilient spirit that resonates with the listener’s own potential for self-empowerment.

“What Do U Know (Remix)” is much more than the pulsating electric guitar and high-octane melodies; This anthem celebrates self-worth, resilience, independence, and taking control of one’s life and emotions.

For those who have endured toxic relationships, this track resonates deeply, serving as a victorious anthem.

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