April Chung is a classical-trained pianist who enjoys making expressive, creative, and original instrumental music that speaks to the heart and soul of the listener even without lyrics. Drawing from the endless inspiration that everyday life and events present, she is able to transform them into authentic masterpieces with just the special touches of her skilled fingerprints. Displaying detailed musical knowledge, April Chung has been creating strong rhythms and strong melodies as she utilizes that creative freedom to improvise her melodies stretching the boundaries of harmony as she freely improvises and interacts within the foundations of jazz and other classical styles.

Her unparalleled gift for embroidering melodies has been leading her to reinvent the composition style as a vehicle for solo extemporization. Her latest EP, “sous les étoiles” is a 3-stunning body of work that was inspired by the French Classic literature “Le Petit Prince.” This EP consists of timeless sounds, feelings, emotions, and memories all blended within the solitude of hypnotic melodies from her piano which she performs with such virtuosity and showmanship depicting years’ worth of experience and accomplishment.

This EP will have you feeling unbelievably moved with tranquil emotions permeating your body, mind and soul with every track mystically transitioning into one another whilst the EP still managing to remain seamless and coherent as an original body of creative art.

“Preface to a tale” takes you on a memorable journey through a lush and organic soundscape- captivating your mind and heart with mesmerizing melodic movement from the piano keys that exude emotionally resonant harmony. How difficult it is to summarize the strengths of something as sublime as this! The way April Chung manages to make it immersive and impressive as it is, from the artistic expression in the composition to the fullness of the sound achieved by the unusual and incredibly complementary piano melodies is genuinely praiseworthy!

There is a special way the tune feels cinematic and continuously builds on the tale- increasingly growing and featuring some added impact that feels deep and expressive. She really does put her heart and soul in this tune and leaves nothing to be desired really!

“A Ross Sketch” follows through from a perfectly laid highway of melody from the blissful touch of the laid-back intro. It then is allowed the luxury of growth with added passion and emotion so as to let you get completely lost in it as you introspect over time and space with every passing moment from the track. Throughout the piece, the melodies take on different configurations that result in vastly different textures. The euphonies feel hopeful as they find new depth and meaning once grounded in endearing classical piano to exude a deep well of emotion that trickles down to a listener’s heart and soul.

“He Talks Impromptu” is the longest of them all and closes this authentic masterpiece. It’s very film-like and gets to a thrilling and dramatic start with the teasing keys followed by deep drops of heavy keys to get you heavily invested from the word go. This can only be described as visceral longing so that when the deep keys enter, the listener is whisked away into yet another musical space. Tastefully applied, the different keys do not distract but only serve to bolster the experience to produce a listening experience with truly stunning and wonderfully cathartic qualities.

The innovative sound and style at work throughout, “sous les étoiles” stand to leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens in – Boasting timelessly charming melodies and evoking lovely comparisons to renowned composers and artists across genres and forms- really inspiring work by April Chung!

To get a taste of this magical piece of work; follow the attached link and let these melodies infuse your days starting from today!

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