With this 6-track project, teen artist Anonymous17 really brings a level of imagination to timeless and catchy hits of escapism; providing listeners with an escape from the cruel, cold world, offering a place where they can get lost in the music completely and worry about nothing else. Her overarching ambition is to captivate audiences, transporting them to different realms through her music. With this new project, she achieves that and a whole lot of other impressive things!

The opening track, “Love Light Peace Harmony” is inspirational, with a strong current of optimism. And in a world where atrocities have really permeated, this track is like a wave of light into a stream of darkness. Sofia Hall’s conversational voice-over fits seamlessly into the track, adding emotional resonance.

The instrumentation is luxuriously stylish, with a few improvisations here and there, and the saxophone adds that crystal-clear polish to the arrangement. Anonymous17’s voice really is atmospheric and one that holds a listener captive while still mesmerizing them.

“Love Work Dance” is phenomenal from a dance point of view and is one of the catchiest and most vibrant songs from the EP. Tapping into the 70s and early 80s disco influences, Anonymous17 is able to authenticate a memorable masterpiece that invites one to sing like no one’s listening and dance like no one’s watching!

The last track, “Feel The Power,” is also quite vibrant, features a filmic arrangement, and is catchy with a distinctive transcendental quality that adds to the otherworldly atmosphere that you don’t wish to get out of.

There is something for everyone in this outstanding body of work; to find out just how special this music is, follow the attached link and hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as Anonymous17 enjoyed making it.

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