Georgia-based international star Amor Laüren is best known for her unique singing and rapping styles as well as her acting dexterity, which has earned her popular acclaim from lovers of music and film. There is a star glow about her that announces itself effortlessly wherever she steps on stage. This has allowed her to flourish in any setting, whether she is singing or rapping over a hypnotic and catchy beat, appearing in a Starz BMF Series or in an advertising campaign, she brings her A-game and makes sure you never forget her name or role. She has worked with a number of Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated professionals in the course of her career, been featured on Nickelodeon’s Noggin and composed songs for International Star Amar La Negra among many other epic accomplishments.

She is back, and this time she comes with an incredible tune dubbed “Champagne Consumer (Come On Baby)” which is smooth and delicious in stunning reflection of the title.

Laüren does not disappoint with her sweet-sounding and charming sound, making such a strong presence over the catchy beat and exuding such confidence and charisma. The blend between her velvety voice and the expressive beat is mouth-watering and addicting enough to get any music fan loving the vibe here.

This is the kind of music composition that is simple yet powerful and fits in a variety of moods, especially the happy mood where you just want to enjoy some good music as you dance along joyfully, a glass or even a full bottle of Moët in hand.

To say this song hits you right in the feels might seem like an understatement, but it’s true. The smooth and powerfully addicting nature is quite alluring, the simplicity of the lyrics makes for an engaging performance; and her velvety and soulful singing and rapping round out the performance.

The supplementing visualizer is an eye-catching visual treat that any viewer will certainly appreciate.

“Champagne Consumer (Come On Baby)” is now available for streaming and download on your favorite platforms.

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