Amer M has spent his whole musical career inspired by the elegance and emotion of classical music, connecting to the powerful energy of melodies, harmonies and intricate arrangements. Having been deeply immersed in this genre since a young age, Amer M is now stepping out of his traditional role and exploring the world of pop and dance.

His latest single ‘When Your Body Ain’t Around’ is the perfect example of Amer M’s classical training being fused with contemporary production for an upbeat melodic soundscape that reaches a new audience. ‘When Your Body Ain’t Around’ was released on the 3rd of February and is available on all streaming platforms.

From attending the Viennese Boy’s Choir Primary School to being the youngest candidate at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, where he is currently studying his master’s degree studies in Opera, it’s clear that Amer M is not short of talent. While his roots remain in classical music, his love for pop, EDM and rock inspired him to try something new, and he began sharing cover songs on social media in 2018.

Amassing an impressive following, Amer M is now releasing his own original songs and ‘When Your Body Ain’t Around’ is the latest installment. “This song has a special place in my heart. I have been keeping it in my drawer for a long time because I was waiting for the right time to publish it. With its positive rhythm, especially in the chorus, the song invites you to dance.” explains Amer M.

With upbeat pop sensibilities, this single is a dance anthem, brimming with rhythmic drum machines, bouncing synthesizers, prominent hooks and polished production. Even the opening backing vocals of ‘woah woah’ are melodic enough to entice listeners in, while the catchy hook of ‘When your body ain’t around’ is an earworm that listeners can’t get enough of. “When your body ain’t around, I use my imagination, baby, every sensation’s got me flying off the ground,” sings Amer M in the chorus. His smooth, rich and powerful vocals elevate this lighthearted and sensual track, demonstrating Amer M’s ability to excel in any genre.

Born in the basement of a hospital in Tuzla, during the war of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Amer M spent the first two years of his life hiding in a shelter with his mother, who would later encourage his passion for music. Eventually, at the age of two years old, he met his father for the first time as his family were reunited and settled in Vienna, Austria. Despite a turbulent start to his life, Amer M has never let that prevent him from chasing his dreams. Having built a following of 11.3k subscribers on YouTube and 105k followers on Instagram, Amer M’s fanbase continues to grow, as people discover his soulful voice, whether he’s singing for the dance floor or serenading the opera houses.