Indian born and California-based Abhiraj K. Bhatt’s, alias AKB, journey is one of impeccable resilience, even in the face of humiliating adversity. His family migrated to the USA when he was 10 years old, and he found it hard to adapt to the American system and fit in with their lifestyle and people. At age 18, he went back to India for 5 years to study dental surgery and later moved back to the USA, where he got admitted to the San Francisco University of the Pacific Dental School for 2 years and graduated with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2017, around the same time that he started pursuing his passion as a rap artist!

He now owns and operates a dental clinic called ‘MY KIDS HAPPY TEETH’ here in California. His own wife is also a Pediatric Dentist and they both enjoy working with kids.

On the music front, AKB is now making waves with his new real-life inspired banger, “Young Brown Immigrant,” which recounts his experiences as an Indian immigrant living and studying in the USA.

He makes reference to a time in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks when he and people who looked like him were racially profiled and discriminated against everywhere, including at school, where AKB was bullied and called all sorts of names.

While looking at a particularly dark phase in his life, this banger also celebrates what AKB and all his friends and family have finally achieved; how they are all living the dream now and look back at those past experiences as nothing but scars that have contributed to the great people they are now.

AKB’s use of visual wordplay and eloquent conveyance combined with his golden voice places the listener right there beside him as the story unfolds. His ability to tell his own experiences in a relatable and observational way sets him apart from wannabe rappers.

AKB will transport a listener into the matrix with his ability to vividly paint with words while he chops that memorable hook line effortlessly to get you heavily invested in this track in its entirety!

“Young Brown Immigrant” also has a compelling music video that features some eye-catching acting and dancing scenes, making this the perfect supplement to this banger both in apologue and storyline—it is little wonder why it already has over 13k views in such a short span of time since it was released!

To get a taste of this deeply enthralling performance; follow the attached YouTube link, subscribe to AKB’s Indian Dentist Rapper channel, which already has over 20K subscribers, like the music video, and make sure you add it to your music library.

To receive more insights about AKB’s creative expression as well as his dental endeavors, follow him on his Instagram page!

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