Akapa Supay Jungle

Growing up, Akapa Supay assimilated the influences from his family’s music preferences; from underground rap to metal rock and R&B- all these sounds have contributed to his style of music that fuses the aroma of Trap soul for that quality and dynamic sound. Apart from being an artist, Supay is also a talented freelance photographer, martial artist, boxer and multi-instrumentalist. Akapa prides himself on his strong artistic visions; uncompromising and always authentic and has been surely building up a loyal fan base and is also taking big steps in the music industry with his determination to leave a long-lasting legacy on the music front.

“Jungle” is a single off of his album, “The Devils Garden” and this is one of those tracks that carry with them a refreshing sonic space and energizing atmosphere. Unique and catchy, this tune makes an impression on its listener from the word go as the keyboard oscillations make a grand entrance followed closely by the vintage synth lines that blend with the vocals to design what is the infectious chorus.


His voice is genre-perfect for this kind of style and the way he delivers passionately over the dripping and juicy beats will make you feel like you are also from New York! Stepping on the big scene, he easily operates between sing-song chorus delivery and effortlessly slinks in with his street-smart bars that heighten the impact of this certified banger. There is also that danceable element about the track that is also fascinating and invites a listener to dance along like no one’s watching!

The track carries a deep and meaningful message about self-value and worth. If you feel the kind of love and energy you are giving isn’t being reciprocated, then the best thing is to walk away and never look back for you for someone as special as you deserve so much better than taking anyone’s crap from people who are just with you for the ride.

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