Aisha Dawn Ignite

With the proper use of her primal power, a queen emerging from Harare Zimbabwe has been creating her personal utopia; embracing her treasurous gift in music, Aisha Dawn has proved once more that hard work and determination pays handsomely. Rising from within the confines of the male-dominated scene, she has demanded attention with the sheer level of her musicianship and has left tongues wagging with her unbridled style of Afro fusion and the way she brings passion burning with emotions through her vocal performances!

She is a real gem and should be protected at all costs. Her limitless genre explores the stunners in afro, dancehall, reggae, and other endearing styles whilst also managing to pay homage to her own Zimbabwean roots. To give you a glimpse of this magnificence is her latest release, “Ignite” which apart from being thrilling carries a deeply relatable and impactful message. This is the case of “This little lamb of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” attitude. It speaks to the dim light from within us and manifests better days yet to come!

We are reminded that we have to excise our minds to think only thoughts that serve our ascent to mastery and happiness, to sit regularly in feelings of gratitude, positive expectancy and love for all that we have in our life. We should always speak only the words of upliftment, abundance and encouragement despite the challenges we might be facing! This powerful tune is exactly what you need when you are feeling a little beaten and bruised and in need of a push in the back.

Sparkling its way from within the splendorous afro fused beats that are embellished with some captivating dancehall-themed flavors; this affecting tune is every bit as magical as it is addictive. There is an opulence of extravagance and flamboyance in style and fashion and the way her refined and pure vocals slink through the instrumentation with tremendous clarity and distinction is why she is a force to be reckoned with!

The high-quality and cinematic visual scenery involving the motor drifting will capture your attention all the way till the video ends and the way it has been adroitly blended with other equaling eye-catching and raw scenes qualify for the ‘video of the year’ award!

To feed your soul to some motivation while also entertaining yourself; follow the attached link, subscribe to her YouTube channel, watch this music video, like it, save as a favorite and share it widely.

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