Afrococoa Omoba II

Afrococoa is a live band based in Minsk, Belarus that was founded by Nigerian-born and raised Osagie Ojea. The band’s music draws upon the African vast culture and its elements as much so as other broad-ranging and dynamic universal genres. Often showcasing a skillful union between music and cultures with simple yet satisfying soundscapes, their original and diverse sound reach out in versatile and meaningful ways- both the lyrics and the music speaks volumes on behalf of African and other cultures in addition to inspiring love and positivity. They are also about the positive vibes and you will absolutely fall in love with the infectious energy that they exude all through.

“Omoba II” is their 4th studio album and this majestic collection was inspired by the work and philosophy of legendary musician Fela Kuti and other famed afrobeat Jazz and soul musicians. The album is broad-ranging even in its theme taking listeners across Africa’s history through liberation to happy gatherings with friends and family- you will find great pleasure in the lush, chilled tracks and equally so in the danceable and lively ones. This is where you belong!

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“Japa” exemplifies a near-universal rhythmus record from the intro all the way to the outro with how the beats are stringed so powerfully together to design an intact melody that keeps on imposing itself to its listener the more they listen to it. And it keeps getting better- the bass-flavored humming voices utilize a falsetto-like intrigue with themselves that will melt your heart. This near-perfect tune gives an ode to hustling, dancing, and smiling and you will love the great vibes all around!

There is something about the track, “Fenty Beauty” that gives me similar kinds of vibes as the nostalgic track, “Oliver Twist” by D’Banj! This tune inspired by Rihanna’s beauty brand that has now spread to some African countries is a dazzling melodic stunner that will undeniably move you to your feet as you bust some fresh moves of your own in perfect sync to the beats. This is the type of track that can boost the mood in any type of setting instantaneously. This is an absolutely lavish affair and the band unleashes a timeless medley of luxurious instruments and some self-assured vocals to back the whole grandiose performance.

“Libѐrtѐ” celebrates the freedom and liberation of the African countries from the restraining forces of slavery. The incorporation of the Swahili word, “Hakuna Matata” which translates to there is no problem was a really stunning touch to heighten the theme. It is also an engaging tune with the catchy and easily memorable phrases of, “I am free, you are free, we are free…” designing the quintessential gist of this phenomenal track. Rise the glass up and cheers to the freedom of all humanity!

“Born Again” is unreservedly the best legwork-out tune. From the onset, it invites you to the dance floor and is not for the lazy. You really have to sweat it out on the floor as you animatedly vibe to every element present in this staggering tune that merges the tantalizing and exquisite Amapiano sound borrowed from the South African music style. This one passes the vibe check and has to make the list of your favorite tunes from the album. It’s non-negotiable!

There is more from the album and this is definitely that type of album to be enjoyed from the first track all the way to the last one and not cherry-picked via the remote button. All the tunes bring something idiosyncratic to the table whilst still managing to remain seasoned and seamless as an authentic body of art!

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