Adonis Faison has been an artist to watch for years. Coming through with witty bars that flow like water, humorous wordplay, and in-depth songwriting prowess, he has somehow managed to fly under the radar of many hip-hop,  rap, and R&B listeners. If you are looking for a fresh musical fixation, I can confidently say that Adonis Faison is an artist to keep an eye on. He is sure to wow audiences everywhere and draw them in with his charismatic style that cuts across genres and styles in an intriguing fashion.

“Medusa” sets off to a classical guitar tone that lays the foundation before the upbeat, atmospheric, and bouncy instrumentals follow through, backed by Faison’s energetic vocals transport the listener to a world of his own creation, thanks to his vivid lyricism.

“Medusa” radiates with an extremely catchy melody bolstered by Faison’s vocal performance as he makes his presence felt with his rap-sing lyrical technique over the lush and full-bodied instrumentation that makes you want to get up and bust some moves with carefree abandon.

A ballad blending trap soul, hip-hop, R&B, and pop, with lyrics exploring a passionate romance, “Medusa” delivers a refreshing and exciting performance, and I feel that anyone can relate to this song no matter where they are or how they are feeling. This masterpiece speaks to you differently, and it is the fact that you can find your own relatability that makes it so special and worthy of a listener’s time.

With its broad appeal, “Medusa” is also a demonstration of Faison’s limitless creativity and versatility both as a songwriter and performer.

To enjoy this energetic track, follow the attached Spotify link and consider adding ‘Medusa’ to your favorite playlist.

To keep up with Adonis Faison and his future endeavors, please check him out on his official Instagram handle.