Aboujee decides to drop some jewels on us with his latest raw banger, dubbed “Magic” which depicts his story that has seen him rise from the depths of poverty to the heights of success. Through his novel storytelling approach, he vividly paints his struggling childhood picture; growing up in dangerous streets to the successful artist he is now, able to afford luxurious items and engage in significant business deals.

That combination of crafty wordplay, illustrative punchlines, and poetic finesse over the hypnotic trap beat is why this is a must-listen for fans of music with relatable lyrics, emotive vocals, and a catchy beat!

The rhyme “Grew up with them hitters, every night it was a dog fight” demonstrates how he grew up in rough neighborhoods permeated with gang violence and drug crime, and being on the wrong side of the neighborhood would easily get you killed.

And in beautiful contrast to his childhood, the hook intro, “I came up from nothing Now I’m havoc, Chrome heart on my shirt” showcases someone whose fortunes have changed for the better and is now living the life that has made some jealous.

“Magic” is further proof that hip hop is much more than the music; this is a creative form of storytelling.

This performance also proves that Aboujee is much more than just a rapper; he is an artist with limitless creativity and versatility both as a songwriter and performer.

This delivery is smooth, swift, and effortless—the icing on top of it all are his melodious vocals that ebb and flow through the soundscape, exuding such an irresistible allure.

The accompanying music video, which was shot on an iPhone, is the perfect supplement to this stunning banger that is generating buzz everywhere.

“Magic” is another affirmation of ‘started from the bottom, now we are here…and best believe, Aboujee’s whole team is here!

To run “Magic” up for him, follow the link, subscribe to his channel, like this masterpiece, and add the track to your playlist.

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