ABM has been using his musical gifts as tools to tackle mental health crises one song at a time. Mental health is an issue he is sentimental about, and he deemed it fit to connect with listeners battling this emotional turmoil through hip-hop and rap. ABM has been able to fill the void of hip-hop with consciousness and mental health awareness by using poetry and visual wordplay. He truly is a rare creature in the hyper-masculine rap game, and he has been toughening up…and I am not just talking about lifting weights; I am talking more about making headlines beyond the USA as he lands himself in some situations that could evolve hip hop in tremendous ways.

ABM is once again making headlines following the release of his new single, “Cry”; a deeply emotional anthem about mental health and one that really got to me. There is such poignancy, profundity, and heartfelt conviction throughout this delivery that allows the listener to connect with the lyrics on a personal level.

This performance is full of soul, and you can actually feel the raw emotions in his voice over the stripped-back keyboard melodies with cinematic touches, which provide a solid support for his poetic and creative performance to thrive.

ABM’s vivid storytelling technique is undeniable, and his cadence is infectious. You’ve also got to appreciate what he does with that hook line, which will remain entrenched in your brain for the larger part of the day.

From this performance, I feel that ABM deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Logic, Eminem, and even NF…there is a certain uniqueness that you will get from his performance that will confirm to you that he is so much more than your average rapper!

“Cry (mental health anthem)” is the lead single off of ABM’s upcoming mixtape “Rough Times 3: All Time Low,” which is a 2-series mixtape with 6 tracks each.

ABM is a brilliant rap artist who sets the bar for what it means to be impactful, authentic, and unique.

His success rests on solid personal achievement, and it will be so surreal to watch what he is set to achieve over the coming months and years.

For now, it is only right that you get to stream this masterpiece, and I hope that it leaves a lasting impression on you as much as it did on me!

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