Originally from Monroe, Connecticut, abbirose moved to Nashville two years ago in pursuit of her musical dream following a music scholarship to Lipscomb University. At the start of what she hopes will be a successful musical career, she wants to remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of music and using sound to bring people closer together. Her innate ability to entertain and engage audiences has displayed glimpses of a born star that is going to take the music industry by storm.

Her single “ghost” is an eclectic pop masterpiece that she actually wrote about 8 months ago and has been working on since. This performance right here is guaranteed to take you to a good place, even though the lyrics are geared towards a somewhat melancholic/dark place as they explore the complexities of love or a troubled relationship!

abbirose brings a powerful presence with her big, bold, and mellifluous voice over the lush and full-bodied instruments. At the beginning, the instrumentation is mellow and quite stripped back, with abbirose’s raw vocals thriving and setting the tone for the track, and as it progresses, there is that melodic edge of rock exuded from the energetically hit drums, the fierce guitars and the intensive bass.

And abbirose manages to stamp her dynamic vocal signature over this dynamic blend that provokes thoughts and imagery within the listener.

“Ghost” is an outstanding radio-friendly masterpiece that deserves to be in any pop rock playlist and highlights abbirose’s incredible songwriting as well as her impeccable vocal strengths…she has it in her to meteorically ride into the stratosphere of superstardom.

abbirose is now gearing up for the release of her new single, “Punchline,” which is expected to debut officially on June 10, 2023. This single is expected to mark a significant milestone in her musical career as she continues to make her mark on the music scene; she says that is her favorite composition, on which she worked with some of her treasured people to achieve a masterclass that will elevate her into international acclaim.

She is also expected to drop her debut EP later on in the year, so you better keep an eye and ear out for her.

Before then, get acquainted with abbirose’s artistry by following the attached link to listen to “ghost” and “1 day sober” and let us know what you feel about her.

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