Apparently, apart from budding rapper 50jittsteppa flying high on the hip hop radar, he’s also a self-proclaimed god of sexual love! Good Lord, he never ceases to amaze, does he? And this is no less than what his ever-expanding fans, who have graduated into a cult following, have come to expect from this ingenious hip hop model who used social media to his advantage in order to generate buzz and demand the attention of anyone with a penchant for freestyle rap music. And look where that got him- he has been on a meteoric rise to the top of the Florida rap- scene, and soon enough, he will be selling out football stadiums!

And while he may not be holding any bows and arrows, my man surely hits the target with his refined delivery in the banger “Cupid”- and I call it banger simply because there is no other name for such a hypnotic tune as this!

Going above and beyond with this unmatched performance, 50jittsteppa proves that he indeed isn’t merely an entertainer but a progressive artist and rapper as well as capable of engineering radio-friendly anthems. If you hadn’t given him your flowers already, this is your chance!

He speaks smoothly and commandingly. He knows how to demand the listener’s attention and really owns this performance; eating those beats up and leaving no crumbs.

A concoction of real bars, visual wordplay, vivid storytelling, and brainy cadences is what you get, flanked by some irresistible hooks in his signature golden and hypnotizing voice that you could listen to all night long without getting bored.

And what’s more; “Cupid” has a grand music video that accompanies it. My favorite bits are the tennis court scenes with the beautiful ladies. I may not know anything about tennis, but I damn well would love to watch a tennis game if it were this racy!

With more than 61K YouTube views in such a short span, it’s gratifying to know that I am not the only one spellbound by this performance and that indescribably beautiful visual show!

50jittsteppa is gearing up for the release of a tribute to Young Thug dubbed “Free Thugga,” set for release on Friday, April 14, 2023.

“Cupid” is a must-have for fanatics of innovative hip-hop music; follow the attached link and let’s run these numbers up to a million!

For more real-time updates, follow 50jittsteppa on his Instagram page!

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