What makes a complete artist? There lies the answer. Music, and in particular hip-hop, offers a certain kind of freedom and broad scope that you just don’t find in many genres, and for one established artist and emcee, D-Lain, he has been able to leverage this creative freedom to make a name for himself and create music with a dynamic range. If asked what distinguishes him, D-Lain might attribute it to his knack for identifying market gaps and filling them. He’s got an ear for innovative beats and the intellectual firepower to drive his emotions home.

It feels like yesterday when he released his “Zoned Out EP”- a 7-track project that generated positive buzz on the international music scene and made hip-hop enthusiasts start realizing D-Lain’s exceptional talents.

Among the standouts from the project was the track “Zone Out”- a collaborative tour de force featuring another rapidly ascending songstress, Symone, who adds elegance to the mic with a catchy and memorable chorus.

Seeing the massive impact this banger generated, it was a no-brainer that a music video would do more to aid in that positive trajectory. As a result, we have this epic, thrilling visual that unravels like a sci-fi blockbuster.

The change in scenery from the real-life reality of people in a Mercedes van into another epic, sci-fi-like world is what defines this music video.

Imagine enjoying the gentle, old-school peppered beat, some cerebral and scene-stealing verses, and an unforgettable chorus as you watch the unfolding epic visuals…sounds alluring and invigorating, right? Well, that’s because it is!

This is what epic and high-visual cinema looks like, and just like the single, it is guaranteed to generate massive buzz on the international scene.

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