Zenon Kesik is an icon who started making music back in the 1980s. He is an anomaly, deviating from the norm in his artistic expression and form. He loves exploring outlets of creativity and is an artist who is always in motion, refusing to stand still even now when he is in his 70s, enjoying retirement in his beautiful home based out of Los Angeles, California. No matter what interests come and go, one thing will always remain the same: his love for music. He still continues to share his stories through writing and performing music every chance he gets. His unique music draws from everyday experiences and boldly confronts sensitive societal issues.

With his distinct, commanding vocals, Zenon excites listeners and draws them into his stories, much like a siren’s call. His music deserves to be heard more, and that is why Cool Room Entertainment prepared an enchanting video concept album with eight tracks that display the artistic dexterity of this unsung hero.

“Spring Break” is an enticing release featuring a hypnotic melodic arrangement and captivating vocal performance. The song features unique lyrics that transport the listener into a transcendental listening experience as Zenon weaves elements of unorthodox storytelling and caricatured humor. The rich tapestry of musical performance permeates his work, infusing it with a unique essence. The grandeur and authenticity of the chosen instruments engulf the listener in a whirlwind of sound.

This track is adorned with seductive hooks that effortlessly enthrall and captivate. The complementary video features the contrastingly beautiful epic tales of two students, a male and female, in different settings enjoying their spring breaks, one ending up in the wrong hands of the law while the other enjoys their break camped out in a van in the company of her dog.

“Don’t Ever Push That Button” is a deeply meaningful track that was inspired by wars, especially the atrocities being committed against the people of Ukraine. This passionate, vibrant track pays tribute to the people of Ukraine, delivering a clear message: war has no winners, only victims, particularly the vulnerable who are uninvolved. This is the kind of music that the world needs now: peace is priceless, but war is costly.

“Perfection” is another catchy and timeless song that features a storybook-telling approach and Zenon’s vision and imagery radiating with a playful and charming personality. The accompanying stupendous music video features a couple watching a television show about another couple, with everything in the couple’s life seeming so perfect, but that is not the case, as we soon discover. This track aims to remind everyone, whether in relationships or planning to be, that perfection doesn’t exist. Relationships involve disagreements and disputes, reflecting life’s inherent imperfections.

The title track is another bona fide standout with a deeply relevant theme about a soldier caught up in a dilemma of choosing his family or serving his country, with both close to his heart.

The delivery is raw and emotional, with Zenon’s vivid storytelling provoking thoughts and imagery in a listener’s mind.

“Party Time” is a lively masterpiece with a standout music video set to whimsical scenes of a man who is heartbroken and misses all the good times they shared with their ex-lover and is trying to recreate them all alone. The captivating vocals and complementary music video form a seamless blend, engaging the listener from start to finish.

“Lucky Man” is the celebration of a musical icon who has been in the game for over four decades and deserves his flowers for engineering the soundtracks of a generation.

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