One listen—that’s how much it takes you to fall in love with the phenomenally gifted Italian singer-songwriter Yuky, who is currently signed to a New Jersey independent music label called “Unable Records.” She exudes such unvarnished musicianship and authenticity and delivers relatable lyricism through her big, bold, sultry, and uncontainable voice that holds so much faultless power. Her music mirrors her eccentric personality and is ultimately geared towards a genre-defying tone as she pushes the genre limits, not allowing herself to be restricted by what kind of music she puts out there.

Her new single, “Sparkling Street,” highlights her versatility and creativity as a songwriter and performer. This single has been set to an unmatched energetic tone over pop production with electronic influences.

The upbeat and energetic beat offers solid support for Yuky’s sublime vocals to thrive. The way she levitates over the beats with her melodic and earworm-inducing voice leaves nothing to be desired; that spacious blend reaches the core of intimacy and emotional gratification.

The profundity and heartfelt conviction deployed through her singing ingratiate themselves openly with the listener. The danceable quality of the beats means that it’s near impossible to listen to this banger without moving your body, so you throw all caution to the wind and roll with carefree abandon.

“Sparkling Street” is such a significant milestone in Yuky’s career as she sets out to make her mark in the music industry and go on to receive global acclaim. She has all the attributes of a star who is going places.

You can expect so much from her going forward as she seeks to stamp her indelible imprint on the music scene and create a legacy that will outlive her.

“Sparkling Street” is already streaming on all the popular platforms; follow the attached link and let Yuky’s depth of artistry and showmanship fuel your creativity and imagination!